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that was the start of a long war.

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My first crush ever. <3

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So true. 

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she did not friendzone me she just saved our relationship as a draft

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like 98% of my problems would be solved if i stopped overthinking things and calmed the fuck down and stopped being such a panicky, anxious little shit

*sigh* my life.

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I always feel like I should apologize for my personal posts, but then I realize that I have Ultimate Blog Power. I can write an essay about how sad I am and then post ten pictures of dogs rollerblading. You can’t stop me.

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Zuko and Korra: Firebending and Waterbending

Noticed during editing a different GIF set. To be fair to Zuko, that last move does seem like a waterbending move. It’s all spiral-y and circle-y and flow-y. :3

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// I don’t care what your gender is, I’m calling you dude.//




You’re a dude, he’s a dude, she’s a dude, your mom’s a dude. 

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Music is the center of my soul. Percussion is my form of expression. Welcome to the world of a young black male trying to live life the way he was born to live it.