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// Dissapointed (Trigger Warning)//

2 years ago, around this time actually. I believed that I had conquered my battles with suicide and self-harm. It was an amazing feeling, man.

I shared my story, helped others with their self-harm addictions and received a lot of encouragement.

Now, I just feel like a hypocrite.

Within the last 4 months, I’ve burned myself 3 times. Truth be told, I feel like doing it more often than that now.

It’s hard to explain to someone that inflicting pain on your own body brings you peace. It literally takes any and all emotional/mental pain and suffering away.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m searing parts of soul, which is why I can’t feel that pain anymore.

Looks like I’ve officially relapsed.

*kanye shrug*





s/o to the black man. 

#black father supremacy

everyone needs to know this.


This debunks the “black deadbeat dad” bs our culture spreads.








what the fuck is this

what the fuck is this

What the fuck is this

what. the. fuck. is. this

what the fuck. is this.

what the. fuck is this.

what the fuck /IS/ this


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i’m made of sarcasm and sexual frustration

👌 indeed I am

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Racebent Justice League Fancast by TheSerpentUnderneathh


Bruuuhh 👌💯❤️

// Love or Money//

Money says I’ll buy you whatever your heart desires.

Love says I don’t have much, but whatever I got, you got too.

Money says, you aren’t the only one I give myself to.

Love says, I will always be faithful.

Money says, if you don’t work out, I can always buy another one.

Love says, let me fix what’s broken.

Money says, entertain me.

Love says, I need you.

So, what are you in it for?

// Love, Life, and Everything Else In Between//

I didn’t think life could take such a drastic turn of events in such a short amount of time. Pretty sure there are those out there who had to take care of their siblings when dealing with the absence of a parent. Seems that now I am officially the man of house. 

It’s eye-opening, and painful to have your mother, the woman who raised you and shaped you. come to her eldest for advice, comfort, and financial support. God knows I’m a family man and I will always do what I need to do for my mother and younger brother—however I am no way able to do so.

Don’t you find it lovely, that when you don’t need a job, they’re everywhere, but when you need one the most they’re nowhere to be found? 

In other news, my love life ain’t so “lovely”. Guess it’s just one of those rough patches I suppose. I can’t even breathe without being misunderstood and what I do, say, etc gets taken out of proportion or context. I can’t even be who I am without something going awry. 

Stress is becoming my new best friend. Just the other day I was scratching my hair after showering and I noticed a lot of hair is falling out. My health honestly isn’t the best, and I feel so old for someone so young. I kinda wonder if I’m dying, but that’s just being way too dark for my taste. 

[sarcasm] Other than that, life is beautiful [/sarcasm]


that was the start of a long war.

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My first crush ever. <3

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Music is the center of my soul. Percussion is my form of expression. Welcome to the world of a young black male trying to live life the way he was born to live it.