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// The Pushover Who Was Pushed Too Far//


This is the story of a young black male who lives in this day and age.

He was born in the Summer of 92’ to a nerdy father and a strong, spiritual mother—both of whom had no idea of the influence they would have over the next 22 years of his life.

Despite all genetic, environmental and any other factors that cultivated him into the man he is today, there’s one thing that made him stand out:

"You’re so sweet, ______!"
“I’ve never met someone so thoughtful of others.”
“You give so much. How do you stay strong?”

He’s was the one who always reached out. Didn’t matter who you were. Family, friend, lover, etc. Whatever had, rest assured you’d get a piece of his prize before he even had the chance to enjoy it.

However, as he grew older, something hit him. No one gives a shit. Who the fuck cares if you’re nice? That’s means I’m supposed to be nice back? I do whatever the hell I want, who cares if that’s what you do.

Years and years of giving and giving. Those around him constantly taking and draining. Eating away as his very core, he began to wonder…

What about me?
What. About. Me?
What. The. FUCK!
…about me?

No one is around to give back what he gives out. This is life, not a fantasy world where people want to love each other and be normal, caring individuals regardless of race, sex, religion, or any other difference.

He started cutting; couldn’t handle the weight of so many burdens on top of his own, with no one to help carry them.

"No more!", he thought to himself.

He decided that now is the time to do what pleased him. Fuck how you feel. If it ain’t about me, move the hell along.

This is a story of someone who was pushed to the edge. Fallen off the deep end, within which there is no coming back.


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I’m so weak…

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// Soul Reflections… //

How can you tell me that you’ll always love me, but act as if I ain’t sh*t?

How can you tell me that you’ll always love me, if the choice I made causes you to have ill-will toward me?

Was it really love? I don’t believe that anymore. I was merely an attachment. An addiction. 

I was your boo, your sweetheart. I was bae, wasn’t I? Until I decided to not be with you anymore. We used to hold hands and share intimate moments, but now you can’t stand to look at me in the eye and acknowledge the fact that I exist. 

I stopped being the best thing that ever happened to you, when I stopped being with you. I gotta be your man, in order to be treated with love and respect. 

I gotta be balls deep for you to look at me again, huh? Never again will I choose to lower who I am to be with someone who doesn’t know how to love.

Now, I must learn to love myself once again. That’s the only way I can ever truly love someone else… 

donald glover on cultural appropriation and blackness (x)

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They’re going on an adventure!

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Odd Romeo and Juliet Tumblr Posts

This isn’t odd, this is fantastic.

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forever together
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forever together

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Music is the center of my soul. Percussion is my form of expression. Welcome to the world of a young black male trying to live life the way he was born to live it.